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I have been a patient of Darla Harrison for almost one year now. I have had a pretty rough past growing up in an alcoholic home, dealing with both physical and mental abuse as a child. When I first arrived to her office I was in the darkest place I had ever been in my life. I had just gotten off of a large dosage of anti-depressants, and was dealing with an elevated hormonal imbalance. Before Darla I had seen other psychologists who refused to treat me until I got back on anti-depressants because I was so emotionally unstable. When I met with Darla she had no problem treating me without any medication, she believed in me, and helped direct me to natural ways in fixing my hormonal imbalance. I went through six horrible months of physical and mental withdrawals from the medication I had previously been on. She was very patient, supportive, and understanding when she worked with me. She’s one of the most compassionate therapists I have ever had, and I have seen quite a few. She helped me move on with my life, and stop feeling like the victim. Darla has helped me believe in myself and take charge of my own life. After years of emotional abuse, I had become my biggest critic about my appearance, and she has helped me start loving myself for the person that I am inside, instead of for the way I look on the outside. She’s helped me build the self-confidence I’ve never had, has cheered me on, and helped me take action in my life. She’s by far the best therapist I’ve ever had. After years of using anti-depressants and seeing other therapists, I had never had the positive results I got when I had become medication free, and attended therapy sessions with Darla Harrison. I’m at the best place I’ve ever been in my life, and I am thankful to have found such a great therapist. 
I feel like I found Darla JUST in time. My extended family life was spiraling out of control due to inter-family strife stemming originally from addiction. I had many broken relationships that I couldn't seem to fix, including my relationship with my dad and sister. I was angry all the time and had horrible anxiety about seemingly everything, which was beginning to spill over into my life with my husband and children. When I first met with Darla, I was skeptical, because I had been to several counselors that had either, wasted a lot of my time, or just made things worse. I hated how I always sat uncomfortably as past counselors just sat and listened, never really gave me any feedback! Right away, I knew she was listening, and just focusing on me, not so much on taking copious notes. I loved that she took time to make a personal connection with me, and her friendly demeanor has always made my sessions feel like I am talking to a friend, which made me want to go and stick with it! Now, a year later, my relationship with my dad is better than ever, I have peace in my heart, and struggle FAR less with anxiety. I feel more equipped to deal with the future because Darla has helped me learn life skills I lacked. I couldn't be happier with my experience and highly recommend her to anyone struggling with life!
The girls group changed my life! I don't care what other people think anymore. I am happy with myself and I never thought I would say that.